We manufacture high quality aluminium alloy electric power hardware since 1998. We have ever been provding to top customers in the USA power industry, PLP Proformed Line Products, Hubbell Industrial controls,inc.in the USA
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electric power castings hardware electric power castings hardware electric power castings hardware electric power castings hardware
electric power castings hardware electric power castings hardware electric power castings hardware electric power castings hardware
We manufacture permanent molding castings of aluminium alloy electric power hardware.
We are specialized in aluminum castings and based alloy of high performance & strength. All the aluminum castings are manufactured by the permanent molding to ensure high strength. And we take BS1490 LM25 (TF) and ASTM A356 (T6) as the raw material with unique heat treatment. In the meantime, there are still more various aluminum components, any commercial component is available upon request as per your material, samples, drawings and all your requirements including special requirement for mechanical strength and working conditions.

A356 Aluminum Alloy Castings Sample Performance Test

  1. A356(T6) Material
  2. sampling:0.5% random chosen in two group samples
  3. Testing method, as shown beneath

Pressure test machining (16 T cut)

  1. Mechanical Strength Test result:
    <1> tensile strength 15.6 M.T. for 1st group samples
    <2>tensile strength 16 M.T.. test tooling is destroyed (the latest is much higher)
  2. normal temperature test, high temperature test, low temperature, fatigue test, chemical test

Anti-oxidation anti-fatigue behavior

  1. (LM25-TB7)Heat treatment 6 hours 538±2 cool water  keep 4 hours at 165±2
  2. can hear a melodious ring by tapping as steel
  3. Advantages strength

To develop potential performance of normal material by increasing the inner microstructure to exceed the bottleneck of technology
To create new material by unique chemical composition for special & peculiar requirements
As per specific working circumstance (to add unique alloy material, techniques, treatment)
To improve mechanical strength and other properties simultaneously (sometimes they are contradicated, such as tensile strength and fatigue, behavior & elongation, etc)
Design & tailor customer’s specific heat treatment by procedures and techniques

Test of metallurgical structure

 A356metallurgical structure (castings)

A356metallurgical structure (heat treatment)

A356 macro structure (castings)

Its max working strength is 500 KN and can punch and creep aluminum tube of 1.5mm to 2.2mm wall thickness tightly and strongly. Sometimes, embedding is better than welding or excllent make-up of welding.



@How do different types of products of different sizes?

We are factory outlets, can according to customer's size to find the matching tools, processing production, quality and quantity.


@The quality of the products   must be the best.
@ The customer must be satisfied with our products and services.
@ We do not business is trust .


We manufacture self look brace hook,tee-piece-triple-access,spigot support foot,automatic locking elbow,coupler clamp assemble,stabilizer tee piece,standard pivot plug,swivel coupler camp,easy assemble clamp,aluminium casting cross,tower hardware accessory,jack adjustable leg,trapdoor  platform,aluminium  ladder,kit crimping machine,aluminium scaffold tower, aluminium mobile access towers,single / double width aluminium scaffold towers,Miniscaffold Folding Tower,Podium Steps,Stairway, Stairladder,Inclined Ladder, Vertical Ladder and strong permanent molding casting aluminium scaffolding components & aluminium scaffolding accessories:aluminium horizontal brace,aluminium diagonal braces,span frame,ladder frame,rung ladder frame and ladder insert,guardrail frame,adjustable leg swivel braked castor wheel to load 820kgs max,fix platform,trapdoor platform and its components,such as:platform hook,anti-slip polywood deck,aluminium structure,folding toeboards and guardrail frame as side protection;full assembled self-lock hook,locking elbow for folding tower,T piece triple access for frame,spigot support foot connect socket,standard pivot plug or blocking holder,easy assemble coupler clamp and half curve triple access stabilizer tee piece that make up coupler clamp assemble and stabilizer tee piece as stabilizer and outrigger to stabilizing the whole scaffold tower.


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