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Industriestrasse 6 CH-8305 Dietlikon Switzerland

We manufacture self look brace hook,tee-piece-triple-access,spigot support foot,automatic locking elbow,coupler clamp assemble,stabilizer tee piece,standard pivot plug,swivel coupler camp,easy assemble clamp,aluminium casting cross,tower hardware accessory,jack adjustable leg,trapdoor  platform,aluminium  ladder,kit crimping machine,aluminium scaffold tower, aluminium mobile access towers,single / double width aluminium scaffold towers,Miniscaffold Folding Tower,Podium Steps,Stairway, Stairladder,Inclined Ladder, Vertical Ladder and strong permanent molding casting aluminium scaffolding components & aluminium scaffolding accessories:aluminium horizontal brace,aluminium diagonal braces,span frame,ladder frame,rung ladder frame and ladder insert,guardrail frame,adjustable leg swivel braked castor wheel to load 820kgs max,fix platform,trapdoor platform and its components,such as:platform hook,anti-slip polywood deck,aluminium structure,folding toeboards and guardrail frame as side protection;full assembled self-lock hook,locking elbow for folding tower,T piece triple access for frame,spigot support foot connect socket,standard pivot plug or blocking holder,easy assemble coupler clamp and half curve triple access stabilizer tee piece that make up coupler clamp assemble and stabilizer tee piece as stabilizer and outrigger to stabilizing the whole scaffold tower.


aluminium castings